About us

Impactful is on a mission to give everyone access to insights and advice from the best executives and thought leaders in the world.

We’re an audio-first company aimed at making it simple and affordable to get the best professional education out there.

It was inspired by our CEO Amira’s experiences in business school, where she had the chance to learn from experienced executives like Ron Lauder (Estee Lauder), Davis Smith (Cotopaxi), and Laura Alber (William Sonoma).

Learning how things really work, first hand, from the people who run some of the best executives, entrepreneurs, and investors of our time was one of Amira’s most impactful experiences. It taught her useful tactics for getting things done. More importantly, it gave her the confidence to tackle big problems and pursue her passions.

She thought: everyone should have access to this knowledge.

And, every leader with something impactful to share should have an easy way to do it.
So, Impactful was born. 

Our first course was Venture Capital, Explained, aimed at demystifying the crazy world of VC and making it possible for anyone to get up to speed--and get smart on the industry. We partnered with experienced VCs and founders to build the course, hear from some of the world’s best investors, and give the “how” and the “why” behind how VC works. It’s inspired by the class Amira took in business school that gave her the confidence to actually go out and raise venture capital. 
Currently in beta, we’re growing our library of audio courses.

Have a course you want to see? Or, want to host a course yourself? 

Reach out at hi@tryimpactful.com